Saturday, 16 March 2013

Cookie Day!!!!!Yay

This is soo crazy and it will blow your mind,I'm even a little afraid to say it but blab I must
I actually do not like eggs,yes I've said it, a little strange for a passionate baker but there you have it. That said eggs hidden within these lovely chewy crunchy beauties is ay ok by me.
All these goodies are available at The Cookie Box bakery in Maitama,Abuja.

Monday, 11 March 2013

Valentines was a riot

What says I love you better than a sweet heart shaped cookie with cookie cupcakes in tow?
The perfect Valentines gift we think. A collection of delicious vanilla sugar cupcake cookies and a giant chocolate chip cookie with this irresistible cherry flavor buttercream to seal the deal,knocks the passion right back into your loved ones heart.

These delicious giant cookies come in 3 shapes square,round or heart and you can have any message pipped on with our delicious butter cream icing.

Red Velvet sandwich cookies with a vanilla cream cheese filling

Val's day box

Baby love- baby shower cookies

Aaa aww the onesies are my absolute Fav.